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Monday, May 12, 2014

SL 1 - 5/12/15

We'll finish up with a few more interesting trig equations. See you in class.
Mr. Alei

SL 1: Week of 5/12/14                (Previous Week - 5/5/14)

Mon 5/12:
11C.2: #1fghi,2def,3defg (Trig simplification)
Wed 5/14:
11D: #2,4,6,7cfilor,9,10 (Double angles)
QB: #2,16,26,51 (Double Angle)
Fri 5/16:
11E: #1cde,2def (Quadratic Trig Equations)
QB: #7,30,42,52,76 (Quadratic form)

Trig Unit Plan

Trig Functions Smartboard Notes
Trig Smartboard Notes
QB Trig Practice Problems

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